Idris Elba, Coffee, and the Little Cafe that Could

Grinder Café is a cute little coffee shop near the corner of Pape and Gerrard in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s the type of place where the owner, Joelle, will step out from behind the counter, eyes lit up, to greet babies whenever a stroller pushes through the front door. There’s a warm feeling you get from being here and it’s easy to see that this cafe cares about it’s customers. It’s friendly, open and inviting, and a staple on this quickly gentrifying strip of neighbourhood. If you open a business anywhere near Grinder, Joelle will know your name.

Full disclosure, I’ve known Grinder Café for years and frequently share information or business advice when asked. I support them whenever I can. It’s my local coffee shop and I’m happy when I see it busy and it pains me to hear when sales are in a slump. But I don’t manage their social media or online presence, that remains in Joelle’s capable hands. And that’s where the #idrisneedsgrinder campaign started, in the mind of an adoring fan with a few beans to grind.

It was interesting to watch this campaign launch, develop and finish and see the results without being involved and it was a great experience with important lessons to learn that are relatable to any business. These are some of the takeaways from the #idrisneedsgrinder campaign;

Reach for the stars

The goal of the #idrisneedsgrinder campaign was to get Idris Elba, in town for the Toronto International Film Fest, to come by Grinder Café for a coffee. It was simple, funny and relatable. While the campaign was born out of pure fandom and wasn’t too serious in achieving its’ goal, I felt success would be in positioning Grinder Café as the “little coffee shop that could”.

Although it was a lofty goal, I didn’t feel it was unbelievable, unreasonable or unrelatable for Grinder patrons. In fact, setting an ambitious goal like this helped the campaign by forming it in customers’ minds as a take on David vs. Goliath, with loyal customers and fans of Idris banding together to get a busy, Hollywood movie star to come to this little, local coffee shop. Could they gather enough attention to get noticed?

Be prepared to dedicate a lot of time and energy to your campaign

One point that Joelle reminded me of was the incredible amount of time and energy she dedicated to this campaign; brainstorming ideas and executing them, promoting them to her followers. Joelle remarked that it was a constant struggle to find the time to do the campaign in the way that she envisioned.

The lesson here is that ideas take time to flourish and be refined, and then reworked into something feasible and in line with your goals. A good campaign requires a real commitment of time and energy and shouldn’t be undertaken without an understanding of what it will take for it to succeed.

Be creative

The crux of Joelle’s campaign was to encourage customers to take selfies with a small cut out of Idris Elba, as if this is what it would look like if he was right there in the shop with you. To be entered to win a Grinder gift certificate, customers had to post their selfie on Instagram, and then tag #grindercoffeeshop and #idrisneedsgrinder.

The simplicity of this campaign made it easy and fun for customers to get involved. It was whimsical and funny and not difficult for customers to follow the instructions and participate.

Use your friends

Joelle took Idris on a little walk around the neighbourhood and took pics with other businesses and tagged them all. This was a great way to expand the reach of the campaign as each business responded and promoted it to their followers.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 4.43.22 PM

Eventually the campaign reached the attention of Lisa Power, a writer for BlogTO, and Grinder Café and the #idrisneedsgrinder campaign were featured in an article.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 2.28.03 PM

The results of the #idrisneedsgrinder campaign? Well, Mr. Elba didn’t end up coming in for a coffee, so in that regard, it wasn’t successful. However, the campaign attracted a number of inquisitive, new patrons and generated some positive and news worthy attention from the media. Obviously, that’s a very important and valuable result to achieve for any campaign.

In the end, I can only conclude that the campaign was a success as the time and effort involved had a positive effect on the Grinder Café brand. Businesses that are looking for a similar boost and wanting to get media attention would do well to follow the lessons from Grinder; set a lofty goal, be funny, relatable and creative, use your friends and community to help spread the word, and commit the time and energy necessary to do the campaign right.


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The Power of Politeness

Everyone knows the importance of a good first impression. And that means ensuring that your staff reflect your company values and present themselves professionally at all customer contact points.

And it’s important not to forget stressing the importance of manners. Many in the service industry forget that hospitality is a noun and related to the adjective hospitable which means to be cordial and receptive towards guests. Your staff should be encouraged to go above and beyond providing basic customer service, and to be polite, welcoming, attentive, humble and sympathetic to every guest at every opportunity.

Polite- The words your staff use convey the respect you have for your customer so make sure your staff use “may I, excuse me, please, and thank you” when appropriate.

Welcoming- The tone in which your staff engage guests is reflected in their behaviour. Your staff should be professional enough to “put their game faces on” and smile to guests, say hello when they arrive, introduce themselves, and make eye contact when speaking.

Attentive- Tell your staff to pay attention for clues about anniversaries or birthdays. The simple act of bringing out a dessert with a candle is huge for making a lasting memory and favourable impression. Make sure your staff pay attention to simple things they can do to make the dining experience better. Are your guests eating their meals or do they seem unhappy? If not, this could be a golden opportunity you might be missing.

Humble- Push your staff to be relatable and honest. While it’s important to acknowledge any shortcomings and be honest with guests, your staff should be gracious when accepting praise. There are no egos here. Providing an exceptional meal and a memorable experience is your job.

Sympathetic- Sympathy and understanding might seem generally out of place in the day-to-day workings of your business, but it’s a vital part of being relatable and ensuring your guests realize you’re invested in providing a positive experience.

Being polite is a critical part of building a positive brand image and can help to differentiate yourself from your competition. Wouldn’t you want your business to be known as the friendliest and nicest restaurant to go for dinner?

In short, work with your staff to help them provide personal, professional service. It’ll do wonders for your business and your server’s tips too.

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