Introducing my new business venture, Rob Rosenblatt Consulting!

Hi everyone!

It’s with great pride that I’ve decided to start my own business, Rob Rosenblatt Consulting, specializing in marketing for restaurants, pubs, cafes and other hospitality businesses.

I started working in this industry more than 20 years ago when I became a busboy at Milwaukee’s Bar & Grill, a four-story, popular bar in downtown Toronto. It was a demanding job and running up and down four flights of stairs carrying 20 and 30 litre kegs for years took their toll. In time, my hard work paid off and I was promoted to service bar, then head bartender.

From there, I moved on to man the bar at some extremely busy pubs before moving into casual and fine dining. The reason, quite simply, was the hours. I was married at the time and for years I only saw my wife when I got home at 5am. In the end, I made the jump to casual dining where I could be home before midnight and actually get to spend time with my spouse. But I always loved the atmosphere of working in a busy bar with familiar regulars who would come in and see me after they finished their workday for a quick drink before home.

I decided to go back to school in 2010 and graduated at the top of my class with an honours diploma in Marketing Management from George Brown College in 2013. With my service background and my education, it became very clear just how poorly restaurants were marketing themselves.

Many places I’ve worked at seem to treat marketing as a passive, one-off thing you do occasionally when you want to promote something like a daily feature or special event. Post some pictures, make a flyer for the window…that sort of thing. The amount of missed opportunities and ill conceived and poorly planned events drove me crazy and I realized there was a need for marketing information specially designed and focused on restaurants and hospitality establishments. Many places are run by chefs who are passionate about cooking but lack a background in business and marketing. And it’s these businesses that I feel would benefit from having an experienced hand guide them on the right path to achieve their goals.

It’s with that in mind that I’ve launched my business, Rob Rosenblatt Consulting, and I hope you’ll take the time to read my blog as I’ll be updating it with tips and important information that will make it easier for you to get noticed and drive consumers to your front door.


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